Greetings and welcome to Wildflowers, also known as Les Fleurs Sauvages. I am your webmistress, Lili. Wildflowers serves two purposes. First, it provides a sanctuary for my thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Second, I hope my website will provide inspiration and meaningful content. I hope Wildflowers inspires you to expand on ideas and explore your own creativity, as well as enjoy the content already provided. I want Wildflowers to be a site that promotes thought, encourages, and enlightens. Navigation is at the top. Feel free to peruse the site and send me your comments and suggestions. Id love to hear from you! Enjoy the site and please come again!


New layout. Thank you Frozen Fantasy, for Aethereality! I've fixed a bunch of broken links. Also, I've finally updated my blog. It will be updated at least once a week. I promise.


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